We have been selling and exporting quality, durable, and affordable Japanese used and new cars to more than 150 countries since our inception. We are one of the largest exporters of used vehicles in Japan and offers a wide range of models and makes, with a professional inspection.


We provide an online portal for everyone having an interest in Japanese cars new or used vehicles. With our robust system and cross-border e-commerce site developed exclusively for the clients, our company has entered into the global e-commerce market, within a few months of services.


Assuming the potential in Japanese cars, we leveraged the data of the current car import-export process and discovered that the number of individuals and corporations trying to import Japanese vehicles is continuously increasing.


Today Japan is a leading exporter of automotive and provides world-class quality of vehicles. To further bridge the gap between buyers and manufacturers, we have established an online system linking automobile buyers with sellers in Japan. In determining an uninterrupted and robust service, we have evaluated the requirements of buyers and help them save time by offering direct and thorough communication.


Our comprehensive online system serves our customers as per their needs, and we continuously strive to develop a smooth process that meets your requirements satisfactorily. Our goal is to bring a distribution revolution in the global automotive market and to link buyers and sellers, with quick and reliable information and services.


  • To enhance the supply of goods services by deploying a scalable and robust supply solution.
  • To enhance the economic growth trade for maximizing profit.
  • To improve the capacity of people in the region.


We are on a mission to provide constant supplies to our clients within the agreed time to help scale the services to the end-users.


Our vision is to improve the living standards of our local people by providing a dynamic supply of goods to our clients with quick delivery.