General Contractors You Can Trust

Nyanjang provides various services to clients. Our operations cover a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical and automotive. We are known for our quality products, and our highly accommodating staff make sure that you are always satisfied with the products you receive.

Our company deals in used and new vehicles and car rental services. We are a premier source to procure Japanese automotive that comes with a complete inspection. Besides dealing in the automotive industry and offering our vehicles on rent, we also supply equipment to healthcare industries.

Nyanjang has various trusted partners that are capable of providing multiple types of medical equipment and meet the growing need of the industry. The equipment and clinical medicines are great for hospitals and physicians that require continuous delivery of supplies. Our supplies are also powered with fast and dynamic transport and logistic system that allow companies to achieve economies of scale and maximize profits.

Our efficient system and smooth process flow allow a dynamic and quick supply of goods to clients. Also, our dealers that provide access to affordable and quality equipment belonging to the real estate and construction industry allow improvement in the living standards of local people. Besides, our in-house inspection process ensures that you receive exceptional quality every time you order from us and meet your expectations.

What We Offer

  • Selling Of High Quality New & Used Vehicles.
  • Supply Of Medicine & Pharmaceutical Equipment.
  • Transportation Of Goods & Logistic Supply.
  • Car Rental Services.
  • Real Estate And Construction.